*WORK* BBJ&K. Your audience understood.

BBJ&K are an energetic media planning and buying agency based in Birmingham. Having only set up shop in 2016, the agency has rapidly carved itself a good reputation for high performance in a variety of specialist markets. It’s also packed full of bright people who know the value of enjoying their work. The company approached me to look at their brand at the back end of 2019.

They were experiencing the typical growing pains of a small business trying to get bigger. Desperate to transform into a major player and be taken more seriously but not lose any of the fun and energy that comes along with bursting onto a scene with all that infectious start-up enthusiasm. That fun and energy is often what gets start-ups over the line when they pitch for and win those first key customers.

A workshop session revealed a split personality. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be two-sided arguments:

a) “We’re versatile; reactive; quick; responsive; hard-working; charitable; honest; vibrant.”

b) “But also ambitious; reliable; decisive; intelligent; data-driven.”

a) “We’re nice people and we like to have fun.”

b) “But we’re also an independent, focused, agile player that can outmanoeuvre the media juggernauts.”

Even when you look at the media planning and buying industry itself, it comes in two distinct halves. The end output being a schedule of planned media across any number of channels. But it is a comprehension of who an audience is and where that audience can be found that informs use of budget first and foremost. Without a detailed insight on where your audience is at, you might as well throw your budget down the drain.

‘Your audience understood’ speaks directly of this critical element and is followed through in a distinct visual style.