*WORK* Foster Care Associates. The crisis on your doorstep

People think fostering is someone else’s problem and becoming a foster carer is a prolonged journey. This campaign makes fostering an urgent and personal problem. Insight tells that this type of messaging is a powerful catalyst for action – to the right people.

With up-to-date stats about the fostering crisis in their region, we make people feel like they need to take action to help local children – now.

The image of a front door makes no judgement as to what a typical foster child, or carer, looks like – there isn’t one. Anyone could be at the door needing help. Anyone could be behind the door offering that help.

The door is a powerful symbol of hope and every potential carer has a home — with a door. We ask those people to open their doors and let a child in – helping to solve the crisis on their doorstep.