*WORK* Keynetix. Geotechnical Data Software Transformed.

Keynetix is a company working in the built environment sector. They specialise in software that analyses geotechnical and geoenvironmental data. What that basically means is that if you are building stuff and you need to make dirty great holes in the ground, then you need this software to make sure you aren't making those holes anywhere you shouldn't.

Okay so it's a lot more complex that that but for the purposes of this, you get the picture.

Keynetix approached me with a familiar problem. They were doing well and rubbing shoulders with big global concerns – like Autodesk and Microsoft – but their clumsy branding was making them look small-time. They needed to look like they were punching their weight, without breaking the bank.

The outgoing logo, though pretty rough-and-ready, had traction in the market. We needed to retain the name and the star icon, albeit in a more sophisticated form. The company's product range also needed bringing into line along with a set of brand rules to ensure visual synergy.