*WORK* REN Clean Skincare. Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 product launch tactics

A great opportunity to get into some project launch work for an ethical beauty brand. Owned by Unilever, REN Clean Skincare is a disruptive force in the beauty market focused on being clean for your skin and clean for the planet too. 

REN products benefit skin health with high-performance ingredients that make them a pleasure to use. No toxins, harsh or controversial chemicals and potential irritants are ever used. Working toward a waste-free future with 100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, and bottles with reclaimed ocean plastic, REN is also part of a global beach and ocean clean-up operation.

One of REN’s trusted agency partners asked me to look at launch tactics for their new vegan sunscreen – Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30. As a plant-based diet advocate, I was really excited to get my teeth into this, as it were.

First task was to clearly define and make sense of the many product benefits:

Product benefit #1 – non-nano: Ingredient particles are larger than 100 nanometers. Many sunscreens are made from particles much smaller than this which can enter the bloodstream through the skin. They can also be absorbed by delicate ocean life.

Product benefit #2 – Oxybenzone free: Uses naturally derived zinc oxide as the sunlight blocking element instead of oxybenzone, which is a particularly nasty man-made chemical. Oxybenzone is linked to DNA alteration, hormone disruption and skin cancer. It is also considered harmful to coral reef, sea urchin, fish and ocean mammals. Oxybenzone is banned in Hawaii and Mexico.

Product benefit #3 – Respectful to all life: Not tested on, harmful to or derived from any animal life. Contains no Beeswax, Chitin, Collagen, Elastin, Lanolin or Stearin.

Product benefit #4 – Plant-based ingredients: Naturally derived zinc oxide blocks UVA, UVB and blue light. Yellow passion fruit seed extract is an antioxidant that protects skin from pollution and free radicals. Rice starch absorbs oil, minimises pore appearance and soothes irritation.

Product benefit #5 – Recycled and recyclable: FSC Certified carton – sourced from responsibly managed forests and printed with vegetable inks. Tube – 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Cap – 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Industry-leading levels.

Product benefit #6 – The REN journey: Brand halo of REN. Goal of Zero Waste by 2021. Pioneering the premium skincare market with refillable solutions. Meaningful partnerships with the likes of with Surfers Against Sewage and Terracycle.

Then, take those benefits and create a series of messages that could be rolled out in a cross-media advertising campaign.