*WORK* Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. Public sector brand reinvigoration

I drove the rebrand for this public sector behemoth way back in 2003. Multiple departments in various locations across the borough with endless applications required.

Effective internal communications is essential in an sprawling organisation like this. Keeping the many hundreds of employees at several locations informed of Council goings-on was previously done via a mix of poorly produced leaflets and brochures with little to no consistency.

From start to finish, the whole process took over a year in the end. With a three month period in the middle where we had to pretend it wasn't happening so as not to upset anyone during local elections.

Once a route was decided upon by the marketing team, I had to pitch it in to several key departments - one of which being the department that made road signs and vehicle liveries. I've never presented to so many people wearing hi-viz either before or since.