*WORK* SF Recruitment. Brand refresh

A challenging brand project with some fairly strict parameters. “We don’t want to change the logo. We want to keep green as our primary colour. We want to keep our name. Oh, and we want to include bamboo is some way.” 

I get a perverse enjoyment out of projects like this. I think it’s really important to be able to bring good ideas to the table even when the avenue for creativity seems quite narrow at the outset. 

What we have here is a sense-making of an untidy brand and a design system with a number of simple cues to guarantee consistency. But most importantly, we’ve given the whole business a new direction. Taking that left-field bamboo thought and using it as a catalyst for corporate change. Turning a major Midlands player in a perceived uncompromising industry into a business with ethics and responsibility at its heart.

Here's the story so far.