*WORK* Superdream. The Sup & Dream Public House

The agency Christmas card. The last thing on anyone's to-do list and always tabled to creative departments as 'a chance to float your boat'.

Spare me.

I was quite pleased with the outcome here though, as it came out of a pretty stupid suggestion. "Why don't we just turn the agency into a pub?"

So we did. 

For two weeks in December 2016, Superdream transformed into a public house, with a lounge and a bar, to celebrate the festive period. Then extended the revelry for a further week with a 'Save Our Local' campaign. 

Being rechristened ‘The Sup & Dream’ with its own festive brew, the 'Fairy Ale of New York', pub quizzes and Christmas lectures, this daft idea helped us onto Creativepool’s list of the best agency Christmas cards of 2016. It also won a Gold award for ‘Best item of self-promotion’ at the 2017 Cream Awards.

A piece of work that pretty much everyone in the agency got involved with, in some way or another.